Welcome to Cocoon Coatings Pty Ltd


Our longevity within the industry has proven that we deliver beyond our client’s expectations. Many of our clients remain using our services continuously over numerous projects and years.


To provide our clients with confidence in our capabilities, we embed ourselves as a member of their problem-solving team. Our policy and practices are designed to remove our client’s problem, allowing our team to become a fore leader within the industry.


Understanding our client’s issues and their desired outcomes allows us to maintain timelines and work within budget, delivering projects beyond their expectations.


Cocoon Coatings adopts a culture of inclusion and lateral thinking in which all members of our team contribute with creative ideas, seeking challenges to prove our ability to remove many of client’s issues. Our diverse capability provides from our team the ability to problem solve, constantly reviewing of our practices and procedures to enhance and maintain our continual market growth. Understanding that new technologies and process are constantly being released around that world, we monitor and review their ability to maintain our position as an Australian market leader.


From modest beginnings over 15 years ago, we have maintained our mandate of providing a premium quality service to meet our client’s needs, which has installed the highest level of confidence in our clients.

With a proven track record in delivering projects no matter what size or effort required, we offer the client peace of mind in all aspects of the project – many being live environments requiring low level of disruption and a high-level safety.