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Energy reductions a competitive tool in business

In recent times the need for and purpose of energy efficiency upgrades for buildings has become prevalent for an ever increasing number of reasons. Energy efficient upgrades are not only meaningful for their impact on the environment, but they can also create significant opportunity for a building owner to reduce costs in the short and long term, increase the value of an asset, and reduce the risk of obsolescence in the future.

A significant opportunity for maximising the impact of these upgrades lies within the commercial building asset class, particularly in B-Grade and below, as is identified by the research report released by Ernst and Young into improving energy productivity.

These buildings take up at least 52 million square metres in our capital cities and are energy intensive by nature for a number of reasons; including but not limited to a combination of age, ownership profile, passive management, and tenant expectations. 

A common challenge for our clients in this space is combining environmental knowledge and understanding with the financial opportunity that compliments the installation of a Cocoon Cool Roof. 

Cocoon Cool Roofing, once installed as a building asset, deflects solar radiation from the sun that heats roofs, and in turn heats buildings. When you walk past a  heavy wall on a hot day, you can feel the heat radiating off that wall. It’s likely, simply because it’s a wall rather than a roof, this wall has had the sun on for only a few hours. The roof of a building will have the sun on it for an entire day.

When a building is no longer dealing with this pressurised heating, the need for the use of air conditioning is drastically reduced. Below is a case study of Cocoon reducing the use of air conditioning within a structure by half. 

We installed the Cocoon Cool Roof coating onto the Knox City Council headquarters roof. From the time of installation it took approximately two years and the entire investment cost of installation was recovered through the cost  reduction in air conditioning use. The roof has an warranty of ten years an expected lifespan much beyond that, this means that every year after that cost recovery period, those savings are directly impacting the bottom line of the properties outgoings expenses. 

To put it simply; coating your roof with Cocoon Cool Roof technology gives you a waterproofed and protected roof asset and approximately half the air conditioning energy used by the building can be saved.

The cost savings from such a reduction in energy earns you back the investment cost of the works completed, and you are earning money in the long term. 

The primary challenges we solve for our clients are reduced contractor costs for air-conditioning and maintenance costs, value uplift,  and reduced vacancy or reduced risk of equipment breaking down. 

For a specific financial modelling on how Cocoon Cool Roofs can create this outcome for your property contact Wayne Griffin or Steve Woosnam.