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McKinnon Secondary College Case Study and Testimonial


In 2007, McKinnon Secondary College commenced an independent trial of Cocoon Cool Roofs on School Portables.

We’ve identified an ongoing challenge with the schools we’ve worked with; meeting the rising demands of energy costs and reducing the environmental impact of the school. We know that students learn less in warmer class rooms, and we know that schools are united in their mission for a sustainable future for Australia in the face of climate change.

In the independent trial at McKinnon, one of two identical portables was coated with Cocoon, both portables are virtually identical in environmental position, and both had the same teaching load. Upon the completion of the solar reflective coating of one portable roof, they installed an electricity meter in each portable.

The Cocoon portable recorded a 56% reduction in costs, significantly decreasing the use of air conditioning and co2 emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 3.7 co2 tons over just one year.

So, using this study as base line data, if we were to put Cocoon Cool Roofs on each of the 6,000 portables in Victoria, the saving over a ten-year period would be approximately $45,600,000.00, and greenhouse emissions would be reduced by approximately 222,000 co2 tons, or equal to planting 14,800 trees.