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Roof replacement alternative – save time and money.

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As part of an independent energy efficiency initiative Sunbury United Sports Club invited Cocoon Cool Roofs to present our capabilities in contributing to the clubs energy savings and providing a solution to lead them toward achieving their goals.

The initiative’s core focus was sustainable energy reduction, without impact to the comfort of the patrons of the club. The club was a high consumer of power as the result of occupation and air conditioning usage was always on the high end of the spectrum.

SUSC engaged CCR to apply our infrared heat reflective waterproof membrane, allowing us to contribute the following impacts to the club’s energy efficiency initiative.

Reduced surface temperature of the club’s roof.

Before the application of CCR the surface temperature of the roof would reach 109 degrees on a 35-degree ambient day, the new surface temperature is 41 degrees.

This reduction in temperature makes a dramatic impact to the external heat flow entering the building via the roof. Roof temperatures can contribute up to 10 degrees of ambient internal temperature.

With the lowered internal temperatures, the use for AC within the complex is significantly reduced, lowering carbon emissions and lowering energy bills.

Roof Restoration and long-term sustainability of existing solar equipment

The club’s roof was near deterioration point when CCR was engaged to assess, in addition to the environmental challenges we solved we were also able to waterproof seal and restore the roof to a long term functional state.

The club has pre-installed solar on the roof, however the existing roof was at the point of deterioration. Through the application of CCR, we were able to increase the lifespan of the roof and warranty it for 10 years, which increases the ongoing efficiency of the solar PV systems.

This project provided a solution that no alternatives could have, the restoration and environmental efficiencies are usually only achievable in isolation, we were proud to support this community hub in their initiative and help safeguard the club’s roof asset into the future.