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Solutions for a deteriorating roof – Cocoon Roof Care


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The Cocoon team recently completed a 2,200m2 project in Bentleigh, Victoria on a retail building tenanted by Coles.

Due to the age of the building the roof was deteriorating, Cocoon was engaged by the building owner as part of a roof refurbishment project as cost and benefit comparison.

In our preliminary assessment of the roof we looked at the level of corrosion and found that our product and attendance of our skills meant we could waterproof that roof and increase its life span.

The building had a lot of infrastructure on the roof such as air conditioning units and walk ways, which meant expense of replacing the roof would have been far greater than our application of product.

In our preliminary assessment we review the following:

  • Location
  • BCA Climate Zone
  • BOM Solar Exposure
  • Roof Area m²
  • Roofing material and age
  • Existing insulation value, also airgap between roof and ceiling
  • Unventilated or ventilated air space

Once this assessment has been undertaken, we provide our report and recommendations to our client.

Following this assessment and our engagement on the project, we then completed installation with the following process:

  • Mechanical inspection of roof and development of OH&S strategy
  • Remedial works list, which are then undertaken
  • Hot water high pressure clean
  • One coat of Primer
  • Two coats of as per specs

Following installation, a final inspection is undertaken with client before handover

A by-product of our work to significantly increase the life span of the roof was the impact on energy efficiency. We increased the existing insulation R value from R2 to an equivalent up to R4.4 on days above set point, which was at this store 21 degrees.

Our project allowed our client to decrease their investment outlay, as a cost-effective alternative to roof replacement or refurbishment whilst warrantying the work for 10 years, and decrease their energy expenditure long term, saving even more money.

We often work with clients who haven’t yet fully realised their options when it comes to their roof and are proud to be able to add the value that we do to maintain their assets financial productivity long term.

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