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Infrared heat reflective & waterproof membrane

Infrared heat reflective & waterproof membrane

Cocoon Coatings provides an elastomeric solar heat reflective waterproof membrane that has been independently tested and awarded CodeMark Certification under the Building Codes of Australia, Section J Energy Efficiency.

This is the only coating in Australia to achieve this certification and also complies with Australian Insulation Standards AS/NZS 4859:1

• Reduction of roof issues related to water leaks, corrosion etc.

• Cost cutting to air conditioning by up to 35% per annum

• Return on investment within a short period of time (in many cases less than 3 years)

• Helps increase roof life span by up to 15 years

• Prolongs the lifespan of air conditioning due to reduced heat load

• Reduction in air conditioning equipment servicing per annum, due to reduced operating hours

• Reduction with tenancy issues related to indoor environment (heat and water leaks)

• Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

Energy reduction

Energy reduction

Cocoon Coatings provides products that are independently tested and proven to conform with Building Codes Australia, Section J Energy Efficiency and complying with Australian Insulation Standards AS/NZ 4859:1 Every roof substrate is rated for their Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI) value.

Our membrane has a certified (SRI) value that when applied new or existing roof will reduce internal temperature considerably.

This allows us or any Building Designer, Air Conditioning Consultant to calculate the energy savings on an established building, or in the case of a new building the reduction of capital equipment. We have reduced the air conditioning power cost up to 35% and reduced the capital investment in air conditioning plant in the order of 25%.

* The information stated may vary on climate, building type, location and substrate. Percentage values are based on Melbourne.



Cocoon Coatings provides waterproofing solutions for an array of commercial applications. We implement the latest product technology and techniques in application to resolve our client’s issues.

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